Pastor Janet Brice                      

Janet Brice was raised in Puerto Rico. She gave her life to the Lord during a tragic event in her life--not knowing that this tragedy would ultimately navigate her into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and began her journey to living a Kingdom life. She attended First Assembly of God in Alabama under the leadership of Pastor Danner. It was through his leadership, knowledge, and wisdom that Janet was able to strengthen her relationship with God. She soon would be led to volunteer at a Women's Shelter. It was there that Janet learned about stewardship, Godly love and how to serve as she interacted with women of all walks of life that were either on drugs, alcoholism, running away from an abusive relationship, etc. Those women taught her how God could do amazing things in your life if you allow him. Janet saw how they came in and how God would do supernatural things in their life such as healing of a broken heart, breaking drug addictions, restoring broken homes, and making them whole again, to become the woman God called each one of them to be. Janet recalls how mind blowing it was to witness such transformation(s). As Janet submitted to God and continued to volunteer at the church and the women's shelter God was working on her life as well.                                                        

She was introduced to Pastor Joseph Brice through his ministry Kingdom Rights. The Pastor would prophesy over Janet's life as to what God had called her to be. Soon afterwards, she received news that her father was diagnosed with stage four cancer and had only days to live. Pastor Joseph Brice would be very instrumental in leading her through prayer and trusting God with such news. Through his support and interceding prayers her father lived another 3 years. Experiencing such a miracle, her father dedicated his life to the Lord before his transition from this world to the Kingdom.  As God would have it in his will, Pastor Joseph Brice and Janet would marry and have children. Within this union they were called to relocate their ministry to Birmingham, Alabama. 


Associate Pastor Howard Cottman

Howard Wilson Cottman born in New Jersey and was put up for adoption as an infant. His mother would bring him to Baltimore, Maryland where she would leave him with an older woman from the church.

Howard's foster mother and her husband would teach him about God. At an early age a tragedy took place and his foster father would pass away. At age 9, he became curious of what was happening in a world he was unacquainted with. Howard made friends, started smoking, drinking and later introduced to marijuana. He would come home drunk and his foster mother would pray as she saw him come in drunk.

In his teenage years he was introduced to cocaine, heroin, L.S.D. and started to sell drugs. Howard life was starting to spin out of control, he was getting older, and deeper into a life of drugs. His life was going on around him as his mother got older and eventually diagnose with Cancer. One day, a chain of weird events would lead him home and his mother called and said, "let me pray for you" and laid her hands on him. "God wants to use you" she said, as she was praying for me. I was saying in my mind... God wants to use somebody like me?.
He felt incompetent, not experienced, and a failure, as these were the same words his foster mother would tell him as he was growing up. Years went by and his foster mother would pass way to be home with the Lord. Her death really turned Howard's life upside down and he got deeper into the use of drugs. There was a part of him that wanted to get off drugs, but he didn't know how or where to begin.

One day after partying, smoking crack and cocaine for three days he came home to take a shower. As he was changing clothes, he turned on the Television and Joyce Myers was on. In her sermon she said, "If you sincerely come from the heart to God, he will meet you where you stand". Right there he dropped to his knees and cried out to God, and said " I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you clean me up and take the taste out of my mouth, I promise you I will serve you for the rest of my life". When he got up off of his knees, Howard never got high on drugs or alcohol again that was back in 1999.

From that day forward, Howard changed people, places and things and for one year he prayed every day, every hour, every minute and every second so that he would stay delivered from drugs. And one day, during prayer Howard asked God to lead him to a church and he led him to one. Howard wanted to get rooted and grounded into the ministry, so he attended church every opportunity the church doors were open. On April 2, 2000, he felt the Holy Ghost and from there on God opened doors for him. God saw Howard faithfulness and elevated him to become the "van driver" for the church and soon after he was driving the pastors to speaking engagements and business meetings in and out of town.

In 2004, God called Howard to assist Pastor Joseph Brice in Atlanta, GA. A pastor and commercial contractor. God used Pastor Joseph Brice to minister to Howard and others by providing a skilled job, teaching a trade and feeding the homeless. He taught him how to operate heavy equipment and promoted him to Project Coordinator. This opened a door for Howard to teach at the homeless shelter and assist Pastor Brice in speaking engagements. 

In 2007, Pastor Joseph Brice ordained Howard as minister. In 2015, Howard was ordained to Elder and in 2019, Howard was ordained as Associate Pastor to Kingdom Rights Ministry. Pastor has taught me about Kingdom, Kingdom building and a relationship with God rather than religion.

To God Be The Glory, Howard is here today drug free 20 years and in God's will for his life.


Evangelist Geneva Cottman

Geneva Carter was born in Maryland.Growing up Geneva was known in her community as the "Church Girl" because she attended church more regularly than one would go at her age and was baptized by the age of twelve. 

Geneva was never socially accepted, nor did she fit in. She was tired of being teased and from that point on became a chameleon who adjusted to whatever would make her fit in whether it was right or wrong. Clueless as to what was going on around her, she became her own enemy. 

By the age of 14 Geneva fell into depression and she could not tell anybody, so She suffered in silence. Meanwhile, she had two children by the age of 18 and in the streets by the age of 21 so by this time her life had become unmanageable, and the drugs became her children, thoughts, emotions, and her life for quite some time.

She continued to deal with life challenges that would literally make one say That's enough...... But the rape, and the abusive relationships she endured while consumed to the streets just made matters worse, but at her breaking point she remembered there was an outreach ministry that was very involved in the communities to help people like her to see life in another way besides the one she was living so she reached out for help and began her new journey.

In 2010, someone invited her to church where she became a member of Victorious Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Tony Smith for 5 years. Geneva's life slowly began to change, and she rededicated her life to Christ. As time went on, she was fully delivered from drugs.

In 2016 she met Elder Howard Cottman of Kingdom Rights Ministries who is now her husband. Soon after, Howard introduced Geneva to Pastor Joseph Brice. The Pastor prophesied over Geneva's life about her purpose and destiny in the kingdom of God. Geneva decided to do it God's way and understood she was not different but was called by God who set her apart for his purpose before the foundation of the world as one of God's children, messenger, and Evangelist.