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Brice Construction Management Group, LLC, is affiliated with Kingdom Rights Ministries. Owner Joseph Brice comes from a family-owned business and has over 40 years of combined construction experience.

Successfully completing projects such as Highway Work, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Apartment building and complexes, Churches, Banks, Government projects (airport, military base), Museum, Hospitals, Gas Stations, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Residential Subdivisions, City Streets, State Roads and Parking Lots.

Dedicated to quality, Brice Construction Management Group, LLC has seen the construction industry change tremendously over the years, but there is one thing we will never change and that is quality service. With our hands on approach in getting the job done right the first time, professionally, providing a finish product that satisfies the client in a reasonable time. 

Experience in Construction Management and Project Management from conception to completion. Residential, Commercial and Other Projects such as Site work, Asphalt and Concrete Repair, Parking Lot Repair, Concrete Bumper Stops, Tops and Throats Repair, Catch Basins and Drains, Sealcoating and Striping, Paving, Concrete, Foundations, Slab, Sidewalks and Aprons, Footers, Retaining Walls, Curb and Gutter.

Working together with the community to clean up the streets literally, NOT figuratively. Making our communities safe for us and our children. Creating an environment for good success.

·Enhance Community Awareness

·Increase the visibility of program

·Broaden community support

·Engage new partners/stakeholders

·Improve knowledge and attitudes and health behaviors

·Rebuild community spiritually, socially, economically by revitalization

·Community Development through building new homes and/or renovating the dwellings that need it

·Increase the value of the communities showing less value not only through better housing but change of minds and views of the same communities

·Offer construction skill classes as well as on the job training provided by local professionals

·Building strong family values through Kingdom Rights teachings of discipleship by going back and picking up the broken pieces to enable us to go forward to better and secure future for our children

·Providing the resources to meet the needs of those who are striving to live a better life

·Helping people to become homeowners